“I have found the whole experience to be amazing, the acupuncture has made me feel so much better in my general health and emotionally. I have loads more energy and I have stopped worrying about getting a migraine.”


“Thank you for all your support with acupuncture, after trying many holistic therapies this one has made me feel well and healthy and confident again. NO MIGRAINES!”


“I have found acupuncture that has supported me on my journey through my symptoms of the menopause. My worse symptom has been anxiety and Kerry’s calm approach and kindness to my needs has been amazing. I would recommend Kerry’s acupuncture to anyone on a similar journey.”


“I find Qigong can be helpful in two ways: When practising the movements, I have to bring my awareness/attention into my body. By doing this I can experience/feel how the muscles are working, not just the large muscle groups, but also in the smaller muscles that surround and support the joints. Over time this focussing of attention has a settling effect on the mind, while the movements help to not only tone the muscles but also to help them into relaxation. This seems to allow energy to flow more freely.”

Pauline (QIGONG CLient)

“I have received numerous acupuncture treatments from Kerry. I have always found that Kerry has a very holistic, caring and professional approach to the treatments. In consultation with me, she has identified the difficulties I have and I have consistently felt the benefits of her acupuncture actions. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to others.”


“A feeling of internal relaxation, a softening and deep breathing and slow purposeful movement …it feels amazing.”

(Qigong client)

“Since Kerry started treating me my life has taken off. Not only am I less troubled by pain but emotionally I’m in a much more positive headspace.”


“If you want to maintain a working body into old age, we have to keep it mobile. I’ve doing qigong for a year and I feel a lot more flexible… I really look forward to it every week.”

(Qigong client)

“I love coming to Qi gong! Since I have started attending, the alignment of my spine with my pelvis has improved a lot and I have reduced my analgesia. I am more aware of my balance and positioning of my feet. I now do some at home to mobilise my joints. My flexibility has increased, with less pain.  I find synchronising my breathing with the movements is pleasant and meditative.”

Barbara (QIGONG Client)